Chazing or Vintage....

Well they are both the same... arnt they?
Erm.. yes and no. read on to find useful tips on baging a bargain.
Back in the day when I was a struggling student the word vintage applied to two things... wine & cars. initaly i used to go to charity shops for costume jewelry & China, then i started spotting things like very worn gucci bags & belts which lead me to see what kind of clothes i could pick up. no wana be cool person would of wanted to be seen in a charity shop... more fool them & all the more for the rest of us. however i knew my new found treasure shops would not stay a secret forever & i was right. very slowly vintage fever spread... and where were these ppl buying their stock.... you got it! Don't get me wrong, i love going to vintage fairs & shops too. If your short on time then vintage shops can be great... they have done all the scouring and have beautifully presented all their wares for you to choose your favourite, they will even source items for you... all be it at a premium. vintage fairs are great fun to go to and you can usually barter for things which is great. I also love a salvo fair, great when your doing up the home. Try to go to ones in areas that DON'T scream upmarket though as these fairs do add a premium to their wares... very cheeky me thinks! As vintage fever has now spread everywhere the charity shops do get wiped out quickly, but if your prepared to rummage a bit there are still bargains to be had. linens are a good purchase at charity shops, i often buy beautiful old bed sheets to turn into something else be it bunting or a skirt, its so much cheaper than buying fabric by the meter and is often really good quality. Chazing or vintage shops...? they are both great fun so you decided :-)


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