Picking Chickens

So we've decided to get chickens, finally... we have been contemplating keeping chickens for a few years now & im kinda glad we did take so long mulling it over as the chicken choice is vast.... I never knew there were that many breeds of chickens not to mention the different sizes they come in, I thought that bantams were the smallest... wrong! there's a whole new breed of micro chicken out there, my friend keeps serama chickens, these are fab tiny birds that do not mess up the garden, are great with children and although eggs are small, the yolks are generous, 2 eggs are equal to 1 medium. Now there are standard chickens, some great for laying eggs, some for their meat, some for both. There's the beautiful show ones. I really like the buff orpington.. apparently the queens top choice. They are prolific egg layers and a handsome tidy bird, or there's the Rhode island red which is a good all rounder. ex battery hens also make for fantastic family birds, I have friends that have rescued many & they all say they are such grateful birds that will soon be following you around the garden and laying lots of eggs.
When picking chickens you need to take your lifestyle into account, not to mention the size of your garden. Do you have children? Do you have a small or large garden? Is your garden your prize possession... if so you may want a run for your chickens, and remember a chicken is for life.. not just for summer! There will be snow, and you will have to go out and look after them. Sooo with all this in mind, & lots of research, I took my own brood (hubby & 2 daughters) to my friend in Bedfordshire who breeds a good variety of chickens. www.chickentroy.eu We could roam around and see them all clucking about, the kids got to feed them & hold the chicks, and we finally decided on the type of chickens for us, a couple of pekin bantams and a few seramas. If your considering keeping chickens then id recommend researching it fully and going to see them at a reputable breeder who will be more than happy to make sure you have the right birds for you, and will give you all the advice needed to look after your brood with confidence. Next chicken blog... building the hen house.


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