Vintage fair at Southwold boating lake.

Each stall holder had his/her own beach hut to set up their beautiful vintage wares in. Very Southwold & a fabulous idea! What started off cloudy turned into yet another beautiful sunny day by the sea. I Heart this vintage dresser in this hut to the left!
We had an absolutely fab time at the vintage fair in southwold this holiday, it moves about a bit and this time it was held at the boating lake, a place I have visited since a child where my dad used to stick me in a boat for an hour and then drink his own weight in earl grey while he sat and watched me so it was a no brainer to stick my two girls in boats while hubby and I mooched about the fair looking for bargains!
The boating lake has been at southwold for longer than I can remember, & thats a long time.. They currently have little paddle boats for the kids in the front lake which are great fun. They are also re-vamping the back lake at the minute for rowing boats, can't wait to have a go on these when they are finished! We walked away with some fab bargains in the end, prices were very reasonable and on some stalls you could have a haggle athough not all.
Finish off some vintage bargain hunting with a vintage tea at the lovely tea room on the boating lake. The same hut that my parents used to sit outside and have lunch at when I was little has had a beautiful vintage inspired transformation. Painted in white, the shack now serves tea in retro tea cups and does a good bacon roll. A great retreat to sit back drink your earl grey and watch your kids play, passed down from generations, my dad even joined us and now gets to see his grandchildren playing in the boats too.

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