TRUE VINTAGE FASHION. Join the debate.

Please feel free to join in the conversion on what you see as true VINTAGE fashion. For me vintage fashion was a way of life before the name became overused and meaningless. You can not make a new garment and call it vintage! So what era do you class as vintage? I don't mind telling you im 34 so i class clothes pre 1980s vintage. I don't look for expensive labels when buying clothes. My favourites are St Michael (good old m and s) and Laura Ashley. The quality of the clothes is amazing! Made in England, the softest cotton and attention to detail in the make of the garment, its not surprising that these clothes are still looking great! Vintage, its in your blood regardless of the popularity of the word, and when the word has finally worn out the clothes will still be looking fabulous and I for one will still be wearing them! I'd love to hear other peoples views on vintage clothes and what you love about them.

Emmylou x



Simple pleasures from the seasons.

Chatsworth house.
A picture by Emma Connolly.

The misty autumn days have finally settled in and we will be turning the clocks back soon.
The smell of chimneys conjures up images of families sitting snug and cosy away from the chill that is starting to creep slowly in.
The children are getting excited about Halloween and bonfire night, and in the distance I can hear the odd firework going off which makes the hound frown.
The leaves are turning their familiar colours of raw sienna, burnt umber and flames of red. They fall tumbling down onto the path on which I am walking through the woods, chasing each other and dancing in the wind. The simple pleasures of kicking them up into the air.
The chestnuts are ready and they are lining up along the stove, a couple of minutes carefully timed and expertly handled there is something soul satisfying about eating chestnuts by the fire!
The faint sound of Debussy cleansing the mind from the hectic day and a good glass of red.
Now relax and enjoy the weekend ahead.
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