So your quince vodka is stored ready to make into beautiful Christmas gifts. Onto our next crafty gift, Vintage tea cup candles.

LOVE these little gifts.
So simple to make and very cost effective. Have a look in your local charity shop for lovely vintage cups.
You can use pretty little coffee cups like the ones in the picture, they are cheaper to pick up than tea cups and you don't need to use as much wax, or for an either cheaper alternative collect little glass jars and trim them with pretty bits of lace.

To make these you will need:

An old saucepan.
Large pan.
Candle wax/paraffin wax
Candle wick
Metal holders
Coffee cups/glass jars
Essential oil of your favourite scent

Cut wick to size, leave an extra inch on to work with and thread through
the wick holder and knot.

Add the wax pellets to the small saucepan, place this inside a large pan half filled with water and
heat gently, be carefully, never leave unattended as wax is flammable.
Heat gently until wax has melted and gone clear.

Secure wicks in place using a little melted wax

Gently pour the melted wax into the cups,
you will need to protect your surfaces as it will drip.
Leave to cool for a couple of hours. The wax would of then sunk around the wicks,
just top them up slightly with some more melted wax.
I've sprinkled lavender flowers onto mine and I've used a lavender scent.

When completely cool, cut wick to size.

Pretty little Christmas pressies.
Everything you need for candle making can be found on Amazon.
Always be carefull when working with hot wax and never leave unattended.

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  1. Been wanting to do this for ages. Thanks for the info, must try it now. And, thanks for adding the 'follow' gadget, can keep track of you with updates. x


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