This year I have decided to make all my Christmas gifts and I am going to be sharing the recipe's
I am using so you can have a go too.
Follow me through the run up to christmas when I will be making flavoured vodkas, beauty scrubs, chocolates and more. Plus making pretty tags to put the finishing touch on your gift.
I am lucky enough to have quinces in my garden that are ripe now, however you can use different fruit if you wish. Sloes and Damsons make good alternatives.
Quince Vodka.
You will need 2 large quinces or about 6 small ones.
7 Oz of golden castor sugar.
18 flOz of good vodka.
Large sterilized jar with seal.
Small pretty bottles for decanting.
Firstly wash and grate the quinces into the sterilised jar, then add the sugar and vodka and seal. Swirl gently until the sugar has dissolved. Gently shake every day for 2 weeks, then every other week for the next 4. Finally Strain the liquid through some muslin and decant into your bottles (we like lakelands).
Tie on a pretty hand made tag and decorate with ribbon.
Emma x


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