December 1st
Jack Frost has been working his magic and dusted everywhere beautiful.
Take a minute while de-frosting the car to have a look around you, and appreciate the sparkle
all around, the leaves look like they are made from crystal and the spider webs are dripping with jewel beads.
Children are walking to school with rosy cheeks & red noses, with big smiles on their
faces full of the joy of Christmas.
Lots of calenders are being opened this morning as the count down begins.
Many a tree will be put up and adorned with beautiful decorations.
I enjoy the run up to Christmas the most, just the getting ready, seeing everywhere done up.
The season finally changed into winter, the leaves fallen but replaced with brilliant red berries.
I love going into our garden and trimming holy for decorating the home, then a walk in the woods to see what other wonders we can find.
Due to the ongoing restoration of The Haven our tree is delayed by a week as we are still knee deep in paint and plaster... :0(  thank god the fires are done.
So I would love to see your Christmas tree pics whilst I am still waiting to get mine indoors.
Please send them in, and you can now become a member of The vintage goodlife blog at the top of our blog page.
Emma x


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