Back in the saddle.

Pinned Image     So at 35 years of age and having not been on a horse in over 20 odd years I didn't take getting back in the saddle lightly... (actually I was more like a sack of spuds).
 I had tried to live what was my fantastic childhood through my children like so many mothers, thinking surely one of my daughters would fall as madly in love with horses as I did at that age.
A few ridding lessons later this was not the case, and I had to accept the fact that if I wanted to go down that route again I would simply have to do it myself.
The thought of it was more nerve racking then the doing it. But I'd been having a particularly stressful time with some work/life balance changes, as do most of us I'm sure. Not to mention feeling dull with the weather (I'm sure I get that SAD) that I felt the need for some me time, some fresh air and the chance to switch off of everyday life and relax.
 I did alot of research, and asked around for recommendations and was thrilled to find a riding stable not 5 miles away. I had a good chat on the phone first and booked a taster/intro lesson with Laura from The Stables at Wilstead in Bedfordshire.
 The morning I was set to go there was fresh snow on the ground but in it for all weather I bundled on my daughters body warmer and put on my wellies.
 Once meeting the staff and filling in the paper work I was Lent a hat and lead the way to my ride. When Laura said my horse I'd be riding was called Buster I had a slight wobble.. not noticeable to the naked eye, and followed her quietly to the stables. I had nothing to fear as when I met Buster it was love at first sight! He was big, but very kind and gentle, and very tolerant of me getting confused with "which leg to what reign again?"... Laura had me trotting around the manage in no time (all be it a bit lumpy, hey practice makes perfect). I did not notice the freezing weather and had such a great time! A lot of it did just come naturally back and Laura was very clear in her teaching and gave me such confidence, we did have a few giggles... (there is no dignity when getting back on a horse again for the first time in years).
 I re-booked my next lesson and drove all the way home with the biggest smile on my face!
Now I don't normally do self ramblings and I particularly do not like to say the word "I" in my blogs.
But the message is clear. Every now and then we need to make time for ourselves! amongst the work, kids, the husbands and wives, everyday stuff.
 It's healthy to take some time out, find something you enjoy, where you can be yourself. Do something that makes you happy, and you'll be a better person for it! It's not selfish! It's Living!
Take care
Emma x

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