<p>Looking around the now very chic living room of The Haven with its cool grey walls, and muted whites and greys of the farrow and ball paint selection that had taken months of loving care to decorate. I kid you not, I removed 7 yes 7 layers of wall paper. I couldn't help but feel something was missing. Yes it was tranquil and beautiful but it was seriously lacking in something.. I kept walking around with the displeased look on my face that my husband thought I was going to re-decorate all over again. Its just not feminine enough... Mr C shuddered at the thought of any pink accessories.
I set to work on introducing a few key pieces. to be exact I made two new bolster covers with beautiful faded floral fabric with soft shades of pink, green and lilac tied with vintage lace at either end. These met Mr Cs approval and made a huge difference. The next accessory was flowers.. One big vase of gorgeous pastel pink tulips and a vintage jug full of deep pink roses and lime green foliage from the garden. And that Im pleased to say was all it took, proving it doesn't take much or need to cost the earth. Just a few key pieces. Why not just bring some flowers in for a fresh new look.. they will make you smile everytime you pass them.


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