For any budding interior designer, home fixer or when you've just bought your first home this book is a must!
I've used +Farrow & Ball paints for years and nothing else comes close. The deph of finish of these paints is amazing.
This book is a real gem! Beautifully illustrated and full of inspiring rooms. It explains how colours work together and how they are different in every room. It gives plenty of advice on what works best in north or south facing rooms.
Always when your thinking of decorating a room buy a sample pot, paint a couple of coats on either a large piece of card or a thin sheet of mdf. This way you can put it in different areas of the room and always take note of how it looks throughout the day and on overcast or sunny days.
Paint will always change colour with the seasons and the lighting you have in your room so make sure you have lived with your sample for a week or so to make sure you really love it.
My living room is dual facing and is painted in Blackend, in full sun it looks the palest dove grey and when its cloudy and the sun moves around it takes on a very blue tinge. I adore it!

Why buy this book?.... Its worth it for the pictures alone of these beautiful homes, also it is a fabulous read and I can't put it down. A must for inspiration when decorating your own home!



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