A real treat for the family... A trip to Hitchin lavender fields is always a must for this time of year.
I've spent many a happy moment watching my girls running through the fields and collecting armfuls of gorgeous fragrant lavender.

    My eldest daughter running through the field.

Admission to the +Hitchenlavender is just £4.00 per person with free admission to children under 14.
You are then given a bag and a pair of scissors to snip away till your hearts content.
There is also a beautiful old barn that has been converted into a tea room and I can recommend the cream tea!
Also available for weddings and I really couldn't think of a lovelier venue... You could be mistaken for thinking your in the French countryside. www.hitchinlavender.co.uk

Returning home with bundles of beautiful lavender I decided to make a summer time wreath for my newly painted front door.

To make one you will need: a large bunch of lavender in bud.
                                           Gardeners wire.
                                            Wire cutters & scissors
                                            Ribbon for tying.
                                            Glass of wine optional....

It's so simple start with small handfuls of about 5 sprigs and wrap around the wire, keep adding in the same quantity a little further up each time and continue wrapping around the wire until it is long enough to start bending into your shape, you could have a hoop, I've gone for a heart.
Fill in the gaps with extra lavender trimming off any stems as you go.
Leave to dry out for a few days, this will make it firm and should then hang nicely.
Finally add some ribbon and hang on a door.

Emma x



  1. this is so cool! lovely photos!
    i love lavender and i try to get a little whenever i see an unsupervised bush.

    i've never been to a real field, even tho i live in france. the trains are just so damn expensive here!

  2. Thank you Sandra, yes we are very lucky to live so close! The air smells absolutely fantastic.
    I love lavender I can't help but buy a different variety every time I visit a garden centre :)


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