Falling in love with Suffolk

So it's official... (Well has been for me for a long time!) We adore Suffolk and it is our chosen place to settle one day. And it's not hard to see why... Here are a few of my latest pics of our Suffolk tour, the village in these pics I'm afraid will remain a secret location but I hope it will tempt you to explore this beautiful place, there is a reason why artists flock here.. The light....

                       Wild heather, gorgeous Heath land.

LOVE this idea... This rather colourful and pretty sculpture is being constantly changed, as it is in fact
A recycling bin! If you find litter, simply attach it to the net where it will eventually end up being recycled
How fabulous!

      Hubby and hound taking a dip in the sea, what a glorious day!

And one day a little boat so we can catch
                                                                                    Fish for tea.

Feel free to share my pics, but could you please credit them to my blog, thank you.

Emma x


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