A woman and her shed, studio, garden room, summer house, hut.....
The list goes on!
One thing I've come to realise over the years ( with expanding family)
Is how much we still need space. Our own little piece of haven, be it a loft
 Conversion a spare room or the garden shed, A woman has as much the need
Of a shed as any man!
What would you use yours for? 
I decided this year to convert an outbuilding into my very own big girls den!
Much to the envoy of my hubby.. (Don't feel sorry for him, he has a perfectly
Good shed!).
It's nearly finished so I thought I'd share with you a few pics.

Already it is such a restful place! Painted in a chalky white
It is the perfect back drop for all my crafts and vintage finds
And is a perfect place for me to up-cycle furniture, sew,
Paint and even just hang out with the girls.

  Latest project... This gorgeous vintage dresser that I am
Currently working on will live in here. It was in a bad way
Which is why I've painted it this gorgeous pastel pink
(If wood is in good condition with a beautiful grain then I never
Paint it! My fathers a carpenter you see..)
The lovely chintzy paper I've used for the back came from
B & M and cost just £4.99 

  I'm looking forward to doing lots of flower arranging in here
And the place will always be full of blooms..

Hmm now I just need to sneak the nespresso out of
The kitchen, perfic!

Do you have a craft room? I'd love to here about it!

Emma x



  1. That is a gorgeous space...I have a small room in need of a big tidy-up! Might be todays task. Love your blog. Lizzie

  2. Thank you Lizzie, I'm glad your inspired to do your own room :0)

  3. Hi Emma,

    Fab blog post! I couldn't agree more about needing space! I am lucky enough to have my own craft room, which is full of my craft supplies, vintage furniture and teacups! I love having somewhere to escape to and be creative!



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