Gorgeous cottages in Aldeborugh.

  Colour, colour everywhere! 
 One of the most important things I have learnt in the world of interior design is
 How important it is to predict the trends.... And understanding colour is key!
 Seasons will always determine the colour palette! Trick is, getting it just right!
 I take inspiration from everything and I mean everything! I am the crazy paint
 Lady! So when I saw this gorgeous colour combo of the beautiful mint paint
Work on these cottages teamed with the gorgeous reds of the pot plants I
Just had to snap a pic! A perfic example of how warm and cool tones work
Together in harmony. I just love the brightness! 
To create a more serene vibe but with the same effect chose powder blue/greys
And team with splashes of powder pink with a few contrasting pieces in hot pink.
Or to deepen the mind head for midnight blues teamed with black tulip and a hint
Of raspberry burst. All working the glorious hot and cold balance to perfection!
Try it and see where your mind wonders... #lovetocolour 

Emma x

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