Hello peeps, as some of you know my hubby and I adore Suffolk and we've had
 A little caravan there for years. Her name is Ellie and she was our perfic little bolt hole...
However 2 kids later and Hound still eager to go on holiday too meant we had to trade
 Ellie in this year for something bigger.
I knew I wanted another vintage van and didn't mind a project..... So meet Hans... Lol

Ok, I can guess what most of you are thinking..... But it's exactly the same
As up cycling in your home. The most important thing when buying a vintage
Van is that it is completely dry! If it isn't then you have restoration work on your
 Hands and that is another story altogether!
Hans is a solid German van measuring 18ft so ooodles of room!
So, all the curtains and pellmet you see here are now gone and I am busy making
New ones with a beautiful roses fabric from Clark and Clark. 
I will make some new kind of design up for the pellmet out of vintage linens from
My linen cupboard and when we next go down we're taking the sewing machine
So I can sew new covers for the seat cushions. 
We've picked Farrow & Ball Pale Powder to paint all the wood work (I'm expecting that to
Take days...) 
So watch this space chaps to see how we get on as I will be posting new photos 
And blogging about the vintage good life!

Emma x


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