Good afternoon everyone. Well it's neither summer nor autumn and it's the perfic time of
Year to put the garden to bed. I have been enjoying this sunny week happily pottering in the 
Garden of The Haven.
We have a lovely little selection of pumpkin munchkins shown above, they are happily ripening 
Off and will soon be turned into something delicious by Mr C.
And the bumper crop of toms have been fabulous! The allotment bed is still looking good and
The long stem broccoli is coming along a treat, winter potatoes are growing rapidly, and we're 
Looking forward to some lovely winter produce.

Elsewhere in the garden I have started harvesting the seeds
From the poppies, larkspur and hollyhocks and separating 
Scented pelargoniums. I transfer a lot of the seeds into
Labeled envelopes but I also give them all a good shake around 
 as I love a natural cottage garden.

After removing old foxgloves and cornflowers and doing a lot of cutting back, this is the
Perfic time to pop in your spring bulbs! Make sure you follow instructions and dig down deep
Enough so they will be protected from a harsh winter.
I've gone for some of my faves, Angelique tulips... I heart this beautiful little ruffley pink
Tulip, so pretty! And it has a very open, almost rose like appearance.
And some snakes head Fritillarys, which I am planting in the grass near the apple tree.
I'm sure they will look delightful when they pop up in the long grass along with the 
Primroses. Although we are only coming into Autumn, the thought of these little sping
Bulbs is what gets me through winter.

Happy gardening!

Emma x

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