Hello everyone, I hope you have a fun halloween! I will be busy making cakes later 
            Ready for all our spooky visitors. And my two little girls have been sorting their costumes
            For weeks and are so excited! Stay safe and collect sweet treats....

                 Emma x




   Hello peeps,

  Just a little post today. Here are a couple of sneak preview shots that I styled and photographed
  Today for Chintz 'n' China's website re-vamp... I hope you like them!

   Emma x



           Happy weekend everyone.
           My addiction to pinterest shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!
           Any spare minute and I'm on there, it's food for creative thought!
           Flicking through all the beautiful pins this morning I came accross these
           Gorgeous bright happy interior shots from 79ideas.org and just wanted to share
           Them with you.
 Radostinas site is well worth a look! Specialising
                                                                          In styling and photography I am in awe.
    I just love all the different tones of pastels against the white walls. It's a look I have used in my own
    Home and it just makes me so happy!
          Emma x





                          Hello peeps, not a big post today! I just wanted to share this
                        Gorgeous pic of a shoot I styled for Charlotte Wilden Bride.
                         It's my favourite cup and saucer! So elegant! 



  Happy weekend everyone. Just been flicking through my albums, thought I'd put
 Together a few snaps from the seasons so far. Can't wait to get out with the camera
 And get some more! 

    Have a fab wkend!
   Emma x



                              Do you ever find yourself looking back to an era, be it the 1920s,
                             40s, 50s and thinking.... I wish I'd of been around then?.... 
                              Most probably you answered yes. Me too!

                             However after stumbling over a 1950s woman's own mag I did
                             Realise it is all the best bits we choose to see... Now that is no bad
                             Thing. But I for one cannot ever see myself having the following
                             Conversation in this advert below. And I really can't imagine anyone
                             Else looking up from their phones to even make eye contact with,
                             Now that's when it does make me a little sad!


                              It's not hard to see why emotions are so mixed when it comes to
                              Looking in to the past. I envy how people actually wanted to communicate 
                              With each other by, SHOCK.... face to face conversation! Damn technology...
                              But then I don't envy these women on a wash day with their mangles, spinners
                              And twin tubs... I'd be lost withought my 8kg all singing dancing washing machine
                              And tumble dryer... Hmmm Love technology.

                                The women were so glamorous! They really made an effort and I
                               Love that! Along with making a frock, having a gleaming home, being
                               A wonderful hostess, these were the original wonder women!
                               My god do they make some of us feel inadequate... Yet what we have
                               To remember is that, that was their career! And it is IMPOSSIBLE to
                               Have a full time high flying job whilst looking after your children, cleaning
                               Your own home all whilst looking a million dollars and not forgetting...
                               Knocking up that quick party frock... I mean, please....


                          It's simple! Take the bits you love! If you love the glamour, put on a frock
                          And some lippy! Make an hour for me time.. Bake a cake.
                          If your feeling uninspired in you home, buy some flowers to brighten it up,
                          This will probably give you the motivation to start making it more pretty!


                       Love your usefull technology.. Your rapid boil kettle, your dishwasher...
                       Switch off your phone and designate a couple of hours a night to turn off
                       Twitter, Facebook, emails...... Then you really feel like you are in an old school
                       Era... Enjoy!

                        Emma x



Hello everyone, I had a spare 5 mins in between clients today so I
Decided to snap some eye candy shots! 

Everyone has their own idea of eye candy.... What you love to
See.... For me, it's simple..  Pretty flowers still hanging on
In autumn!

Gorgeous antique china...

Close up delicate petals as thin as paper..

Some 50s chic lit... 

... And beautiful vintage books.

All of these pretty little shots make me happy. Please feel
Free to use my images, if you could just credit these back to
My blog.

Thank you

Emma x




           Good evening everyone, just wanted to share some of my forest snaps from
     Our family walk today. It was a lovely morning! And now we've just enjoyed roasting
     These little chestnuts that we foraged, they were delicious! 

     My daughter loves this time of year in the woods... She calls it fairy land and you can see

     Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

      Emma x


                                       Vintage Vanity pics by Emma Connolly

                Hello everyone, sorry I haven't blogged in a while.... You see I've been
               Rather busy! I've been making my big girls room into a vintage salon and
               I've just spent my first week using it.
                 See, styling is in my blood and I've been a hair stylist long before I evolved
                Into Vintage interior styling, although they are both my passion!
               I had great fun designing this space and I had a lot of the furniture already.
               I inherited one of the original Lloyd Looms and bought the other on Ebay for
               A steel... Back when you could still get a bargain on Ebay....
               I'm still a huge fan of painted furniture and have been painting mine over
               10 years. I still prefer Farrow and Ball eggshell over any other paint....
               It just works! And I love to mix up cycled junk shop finds with the odd
               Antique for a laid back luxury feel.
               I'm going to love making people look great in this space! A perfic little haven!

               Emma x


Vintage floral post card wall art

                                                                       Laura Ashley

                  So I'm a spring/summer person... I like the look of autumn, but then it just
                  Gets too cold and too dark, before you know it your back indoors with the
                  Curtains pulled tight. It's a time to get cozy! However.... I have started to
                  Collect floral post cards and pictures which I am going to stick on my walls
                  To help me through the winter months.
                   So nostalgic, so pretty, they look fab grouped together.


                                                           Pretty vintage floral prints.

                                                                  Hidden in France 

                                            My favourite! A wall of roses... Who'd of thought you
                                          Could have rambling roses inside your house too.....

                                            Emma x


Cutching up for autumn


         Autumn is finally here and I can't wait to cutch up on the sofa, next to the log burner 
         On a Sunday afternoon. This year I've decided to pick up my child hood craft....
        Knitting.. My nan taught me how to knit when I was a little girl, I remember there being
        Lots of dropped stitches and mugs of hot chocolate with oodles of cuddles.
        So I've equipped my two little girls and my mother with knitting needles and we are all
        Going to sit down and learn to knit... Again.... I'll let you know how we get on.
        Do you have a child hood craft that you'd love to pick up again? Drop me a comment,
        I'd love to hear about it.

        Images from Pinterest. Please follow my boards for vintage home and lifestyle inspiration
         At www.pinterest.com/chintznchina 

        Emma x

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