Do you ever find yourself looking back to an era, be it the 1920s,
                             40s, 50s and thinking.... I wish I'd of been around then?.... 
                              Most probably you answered yes. Me too!

                             However after stumbling over a 1950s woman's own mag I did
                             Realise it is all the best bits we choose to see... Now that is no bad
                             Thing. But I for one cannot ever see myself having the following
                             Conversation in this advert below. And I really can't imagine anyone
                             Else looking up from their phones to even make eye contact with,
                             Now that's when it does make me a little sad!


                              It's not hard to see why emotions are so mixed when it comes to
                              Looking in to the past. I envy how people actually wanted to communicate 
                              With each other by, SHOCK.... face to face conversation! Damn technology...
                              But then I don't envy these women on a wash day with their mangles, spinners
                              And twin tubs... I'd be lost withought my 8kg all singing dancing washing machine
                              And tumble dryer... Hmmm Love technology.

                                The women were so glamorous! They really made an effort and I
                               Love that! Along with making a frock, having a gleaming home, being
                               A wonderful hostess, these were the original wonder women!
                               My god do they make some of us feel inadequate... Yet what we have
                               To remember is that, that was their career! And it is IMPOSSIBLE to
                               Have a full time high flying job whilst looking after your children, cleaning
                               Your own home all whilst looking a million dollars and not forgetting...
                               Knocking up that quick party frock... I mean, please....


                          It's simple! Take the bits you love! If you love the glamour, put on a frock
                          And some lippy! Make an hour for me time.. Bake a cake.
                          If your feeling uninspired in you home, buy some flowers to brighten it up,
                          This will probably give you the motivation to start making it more pretty!


                       Love your usefull technology.. Your rapid boil kettle, your dishwasher...
                       Switch off your phone and designate a couple of hours a night to turn off
                       Twitter, Facebook, emails...... Then you really feel like you are in an old school
                       Era... Enjoy!

                        Emma x

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