Vintage Vanity pics by Emma Connolly

                Hello everyone, sorry I haven't blogged in a while.... You see I've been
               Rather busy! I've been making my big girls room into a vintage salon and
               I've just spent my first week using it.
                 See, styling is in my blood and I've been a hair stylist long before I evolved
                Into Vintage interior styling, although they are both my passion!
               I had great fun designing this space and I had a lot of the furniture already.
               I inherited one of the original Lloyd Looms and bought the other on Ebay for
               A steel... Back when you could still get a bargain on Ebay....
               I'm still a huge fan of painted furniture and have been painting mine over
               10 years. I still prefer Farrow and Ball eggshell over any other paint....
               It just works! And I love to mix up cycled junk shop finds with the odd
               Antique for a laid back luxury feel.
               I'm going to love making people look great in this space! A perfic little haven!

               Emma x

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