Hi peeps,
                  So my mini pegs arrived today for my advent calendar. Ta da.... 
                 I'm really pleased with the result! I'm going to fill it with penny sweets for my little girls.


                     Emma x




   Hi everyone,

  So many crafty projects on the go, so little time! I hope you don't mind but I used my phone to snap
  These pics as I wanted to get it posted for the weekend.
  I settled down this week to make an advent calendar with a difference for my little girls.
 It's nearly finished so I thought I'd share how far I've got, so you can still have time to make one
 Before next wkend...

    Firstly I cut out a template of a stocking just big enough so when stitched together it would
   Fit a couple of penny sweets inside. Fold your fabric in half and pin your template, cut around
   And you should have two perfectly matching stockings. 
   I then hemed the top, then placing the fabric wrong way round I then machined them together, 
  then turned them out the right way.


   Mix up your fabrics for a real vintage feel! Now I'm not kidding this is a timely craft and to make
  The 24 stockings did take me a couple of hours, but it will look so pretty strung accross the mantle
  When it's finished and can be used year after year!


      I've found some pretty beaded ribbon in my craft draw, and now I'm just waiting for my mini
     Pegs to arive so I can clip them to my ribbon. I will take a snap and post it when it's hanging up.
     In the mean time... Get crafting...

         Emma x



   Hello everyone. So they tell us that next week winter is arriving in Bedfordshire... :0(
   Make the most of the sunny dry days by going for leaf kicking/swooshing walks
   And breathing in the delicious air... 
   Now to prepare for the cold, damp winter months. I just love making all kinds of stuff
   And am very fortunate to have a craft room!
   Shown below are some of my pinterest images that are a wonderfull source of
   Inspiration to set up your own crafty room/area.


          I love this idea! Great for if you've only got a small space, it shows just
          What can be achieved! 



                       This craft room would work well in a summer house if your
                       Lacking in indoor space! A real little retreat to chase away
                       Those winter blues....


                   Gorgeous for that spare room you've been meaning to do!

                 I hope this has left you inspired to create somewhere to craft.
                 All images are from pinterest, if you see any officially belonging to
                 You, please let me know, so I can credit you or remove them.

                 If you'd love to see my full pinterest boards, then please follow my
                 Pinterest link.
                 Emma x




   Hello everyone,

  The build up to Christmas has officially started, and I'm starting to plan
  How we will be decorating our house this year.
  As some of you may know, I always like to post DIY craft tutorials over
  The next few weeks. One of my faves from last year was the quince vodka!
  Anyhoo I've kicked off with gift tags which is a two part craft, and the second part
  Will feature later in the blog.
  This week I'm making pine cone decorations.

      You will need... A selection of pine cones in different sizes, some ribbon and some
      Small brass eye screws (available from all good DIY stores).


       This craft is super simple! On the base of the cone you will see the part where it has 
       Come away from the tree, simply screw the brass eye into the cone until secure.

             Attach your favourite ribbon... 

             Perfic for hanging around the house!

                      I hope you enjoy making your own!
                         Emma x



  Hello everyone, it's that time of year on the blog again when I start crafting and blogging
  My Christmas tutorials, and I'm starting off with gift tags, this is a two part tutorial and
  Stage one is the prep that can be started now...

    It's the perfic time to harvest hydrangea petals before they turn brown. Just pluck them
    From the plant and give them a little dust off and dry.


        One of my favourite flowers! I am going to press these petals in a flower press and leave
       To dry. If you do not have a press then inside a very heavy book will do, just make sure
        That you line it with grease proof paper!



      This is the first step of my Christmas gift tags, join me on this simple craft and in two
      Weeks we can finish them and start getting ready for Christmas!

     Hope you all had a lovely wknd!
        Emma x
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