Hello everyone,

  The build up to Christmas has officially started, and I'm starting to plan
  How we will be decorating our house this year.
  As some of you may know, I always like to post DIY craft tutorials over
  The next few weeks. One of my faves from last year was the quince vodka!
  Anyhoo I've kicked off with gift tags which is a two part craft, and the second part
  Will feature later in the blog.
  This week I'm making pine cone decorations.

      You will need... A selection of pine cones in different sizes, some ribbon and some
      Small brass eye screws (available from all good DIY stores).


       This craft is super simple! On the base of the cone you will see the part where it has 
       Come away from the tree, simply screw the brass eye into the cone until secure.

             Attach your favourite ribbon... 

             Perfic for hanging around the house!

                      I hope you enjoy making your own!
                         Emma x

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