Hello everyone. So they tell us that next week winter is arriving in Bedfordshire... :0(
   Make the most of the sunny dry days by going for leaf kicking/swooshing walks
   And breathing in the delicious air... 
   Now to prepare for the cold, damp winter months. I just love making all kinds of stuff
   And am very fortunate to have a craft room!
   Shown below are some of my pinterest images that are a wonderfull source of
   Inspiration to set up your own crafty room/area.


          I love this idea! Great for if you've only got a small space, it shows just
          What can be achieved! 



                       This craft room would work well in a summer house if your
                       Lacking in indoor space! A real little retreat to chase away
                       Those winter blues....


                   Gorgeous for that spare room you've been meaning to do!

                 I hope this has left you inspired to create somewhere to craft.
                 All images are from pinterest, if you see any officially belonging to
                 You, please let me know, so I can credit you or remove them.

                 If you'd love to see my full pinterest boards, then please follow my
                 Pinterest link.
                 Emma x


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