Hello everyone, it's that time of year on the blog again when I start crafting and blogging
  My Christmas tutorials, and I'm starting off with gift tags, this is a two part tutorial and
  Stage one is the prep that can be started now...

    It's the perfic time to harvest hydrangea petals before they turn brown. Just pluck them
    From the plant and give them a little dust off and dry.


        One of my favourite flowers! I am going to press these petals in a flower press and leave
       To dry. If you do not have a press then inside a very heavy book will do, just make sure
        That you line it with grease proof paper!



      This is the first step of my Christmas gift tags, join me on this simple craft and in two
      Weeks we can finish them and start getting ready for Christmas!

     Hope you all had a lovely wknd!
        Emma x

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