Hello everyone, I wish you all a good new year! No matter what has happened throughout the years
 I always find you should start the next one on a positive note and to remember all of the positive things
 One has already achieved, be it big or small.

  Last new year I made one resolution... To make more time for myself! Then I thought... Well that's never going to happen, what with a young family, two companies to run and other such stuff I started to feel guilty at the thought of "me time"....   So I scrapped the New Years resolution and this is what I did instead... Why don't you give it a go too!
        I made to do lists, nice ones, and on these lists were things big and small that I wanted to do this year.
       It ranged from getting back in the saddle, I'd given up riding years ago and so wanted to start
       Again, so I did! Then there was having lots of family picnics, spending lazy days with the children
       At our little caravan in Suffolk, walking the Brighton lanes with my hubby, catching up with old girl          friends over dinner. I actually wrote all these lovely things to do down and can say I've ticked off every one! 
        It's great fun thinking up lovely things to do over the year and it's not a chore like a New Years resolution. Have a go and I wish you a very happy to do list new year!
                                                       Emma x



ON THE 6th DAY...


                              A vintage lamp! One of our favourite gifts this Christmas, picked
                             Up by my 13yr old brother from a charity bazaar.... How cute is that?
                             Having received such beautiful thrift shop gifts (there are more) set me
                             Thinking.... All through this year I am going to buy all my next yrs Chrissy
                             Pressies from car boots and charity shops, I'm sure it can be done! 
                              Actually I know it can... Keep you posted on that one :0)

                                                                      Emma x



        Hello peeps hope your having a fab Christmassy time! I must have been so good this year as Father Christmas delivered some gorgeous vintage gifts under the Connolly tree this year......
         On the 5th day....


                                                                     Emma x



               Hello, hope your all having a lovely Christmas time! I've been having a lovely day off
              Today with my family.
                Father Christmas gave my eldest daughter a fantastic British bake off hamper, so we
               Decided to have a mother and daughter baking day and made some yummy rose
               Flavoured cup cakes. I thought I'd share some snaps of them with my favourite rose
               Inspired vintage china.

    Very simple to make. Weigh 3 eggs then use the same quantity of castor sugar,
    Self raising flour and stork, 1tsp vanilla paste, 1tsp rose water, pinch of baking powder,
    Pinch of salt and 1tbs of milk..... Pink food colouring optional.

    Method.. Cream together stork, sugar and vanilla paste, add one egg at a time and beat adding
    A good pinch of flour with each egg, finally sieve in the rest of the flour, salt and baking powder,
    Add the milk and rose water. Now... If you want to make them a little more rosey, half the mix
    And add some pink food colouring to one half. Spoon equal amounts into cupcake cases and
    Swirl with a spoon, bake on gas mark 4 for 20 mins..... Mmmmm yum

    Emma & Chloe x




                Hello lovelies, just wanted to share some of my favourite Christmassy snaps with you.
                I hope everyone is starting to feel merry!

                                                             Emma x



                                     Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year

                                                                    Emma x





                     Hello my lovelies.... Hope your all getting excited about Christmas! I know I am
                    I was so glad to have finished the living room of The Haven this year, if only to just
                    Decorate it for Christmas hehe.
                    I'm going to show you how easy it is to make a garland for your mantle piece.


              You will need... A long plastic tray, one large block of oasis cut in half lengthways to
              Fit snugly in tray, ample fresh garden foliage, scissors, floristry wire and I've also used
              Some pine cones, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks.
              Firstly soak your oasis for an hour by weighting them down in a bowl of water. While
              It is soaking you can be threading your orange slices onto floristry wire and cutting
              Your foliage.


              Pop your oasis in the tray and with your greenery start building up the base, cut
             Into a slant and remove any lower leaves by a good 3 inches, this will enable you to
            Secure it and it will draw up water more efficiently. Insert foliage all around the base of the
            Oasis working your way around.


         I have added some candles, you can use plastic inserts for the candles, however
         I find just pushing them into the oasis works fine! Continue adding more foliage,
         I like to use fresh herbs such as bay and rosemary, then long trails of ivy or honeysuckle.

       Finally fill in any gaps with pine cones and oranges and cinnamon sticks, alway work in odd
       Amounts as this looks best.


            For some extra giltz why not try adding some vintage decorations or you could
            Give a light dust of glitter! I like to use little battery operated led lights to give a
            Beautiful warm glow!
            Well happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have a lovely time!

             Emma x





               Hello peeps, I've started my Christmas wrapping today and just wanted to show you
              The hydrangea tags that we pressed ready about a month ago....
              Sooooo simple all you need is the pressed flowers, some luggage tags, glue and a bit
              Of glitter... Well it is Christmas after all!


               I've also found some beautiful lace ribbon to compliment the colours of my hydrangea 
               Flowers. I'm going for a vintage inspired, pastel faded glam look with my wrapping this
               Year so I've also picked up some fab brooches quite cheaply from my local charity shop
               For some extra glitz!

              The gift tags couldn't be simpler... Just dot a little prit stick, add your flower, a dab more
             Of glue and sprinkle with a dash of glitter... Ahhhh soooo pretty!


               See, I said it was simple! I've gone for my favourite wrapping paper again this year...
              Classic brown parcel paper that I buy very cheaply from the local post office.
              It's a fabulous base and can be used with so many different styles!

                                    If you have any flowers left over pop them on your
                                     Gifts for a really personal touch!

                      Next post I'll be decorating the mantle pieces in The Haven with fresh garlands
                      Hope I've inspired you to do some wrapping this wkend!

                         Emma x




                          Hello my lovelies, I'm blogging my apologies for not blogging in
                          A while. Not only are we building up to Christmas (eek so excited)
                          I have been working very hard studying interior design, and....
                          I have finished my course just in time to start enjoying the build up
                          Of Christmas. I'm just waiting for my results so fingers x'd at the mo..
                          I did an online course with the National Design Academey and I have
                          To say it was absolutely fantastic! It took a year to complete and covered
                          Everything from drawing elevations and floor plans to scale, plus designing
                          I have always loved interiors, and I have definitely realised my style, 
                          Country vintage... Always has been, always will be!
                          So next yr I will also be blogging on interiors and decorating.
                          The next project at The Haven is the master bedroom so we will be starting
                          This in the new yr and I'll keep you posted...
                           Hope your all starting to feel Christmassy!
                           Emma x

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