Hello my lovelies.... Hope your all getting excited about Christmas! I know I am
                    I was so glad to have finished the living room of The Haven this year, if only to just
                    Decorate it for Christmas hehe.
                    I'm going to show you how easy it is to make a garland for your mantle piece.


              You will need... A long plastic tray, one large block of oasis cut in half lengthways to
              Fit snugly in tray, ample fresh garden foliage, scissors, floristry wire and I've also used
              Some pine cones, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks.
              Firstly soak your oasis for an hour by weighting them down in a bowl of water. While
              It is soaking you can be threading your orange slices onto floristry wire and cutting
              Your foliage.


              Pop your oasis in the tray and with your greenery start building up the base, cut
             Into a slant and remove any lower leaves by a good 3 inches, this will enable you to
            Secure it and it will draw up water more efficiently. Insert foliage all around the base of the
            Oasis working your way around.


         I have added some candles, you can use plastic inserts for the candles, however
         I find just pushing them into the oasis works fine! Continue adding more foliage,
         I like to use fresh herbs such as bay and rosemary, then long trails of ivy or honeysuckle.

       Finally fill in any gaps with pine cones and oranges and cinnamon sticks, alway work in odd
       Amounts as this looks best.


            For some extra giltz why not try adding some vintage decorations or you could
            Give a light dust of glitter! I like to use little battery operated led lights to give a
            Beautiful warm glow!
            Well happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have a lovely time!

             Emma x



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