Hello my lovelies, I'm blogging my apologies for not blogging in
                          A while. Not only are we building up to Christmas (eek so excited)
                          I have been working very hard studying interior design, and....
                          I have finished my course just in time to start enjoying the build up
                          Of Christmas. I'm just waiting for my results so fingers x'd at the mo..
                          I did an online course with the National Design Academey and I have
                          To say it was absolutely fantastic! It took a year to complete and covered
                          Everything from drawing elevations and floor plans to scale, plus designing
                          I have always loved interiors, and I have definitely realised my style, 
                          Country vintage... Always has been, always will be!
                          So next yr I will also be blogging on interiors and decorating.
                          The next project at The Haven is the master bedroom so we will be starting
                          This in the new yr and I'll keep you posted...
                           Hope your all starting to feel Christmassy!
                           Emma x


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