So the window seat is just about done and the blinds are finished pheeew..... 
            It's been an absolute labour of love! Learning to work with textiles was a scary thought
            I must admit, cutting anything wheather it be new material or pretty old linens takes
            Some courage! It took me a whole day just to cut the fabric for my first ever blind and
            Copious amounts of tea was drank to get through it lol. Anyways... Here's a peak..

               My Thursday morning make! I had a few well planned scraps left over of this gorgeous 
             Kate Forman fabric in blue roses, I think it looks pretty trimmed with the lace.

            Left over fabric from the window seat and a vintage table cloth went into this one.


           Clever way of using up old samples.. I've fallen in love with this one called Amy by
           Kate Forman so am going to use it in my daughters room which is next on the list...


                                           #kateforman #blueroses #farrowandball #manorhousegrey

                               TADAAAA sitting here blogging drinking a cup of earl grey 

            P.s if you haven't already, why not check out my new business venture at
            http://www.cloverandclay.wordpress.com for house doctoring and interior news.

                                                               Emma x




                 Hello everyone, 

             So here goes a big leap... I'm starting my own interior design company... *scared*
             It's not a decision I've take lightly, it been on the cards for years, but last year I completed
             My diploma and am very slowly stepping into it. It is going to be a career change all be it a 
             Very slow and progressive one. So I will be starting small!
             I've decided to not have a website as such, but a new blog with pages and contact forms
             As I feel this will give me a lot of creative control over the content.
             Please don't worry as The Vintage Good Life will remain as it is a lifestyle blog.
             My new venture is called Clover and Clay and is now on bloglovin or you can have a look
             At http://www.cloverandclay.wordpress.com I know... I'm trying wordpress... Will be
             Blogging the differences later lol 
             Anyway please pop by, have a look and let me know your feed back.

                          Emma x




       Hello everyone,

        A very quick little #interiordesign post... Uber quick..
       #bathstore are now doing these beautiful V & A Art Deco inspired tiles.

                #v&a #artdeco #interiordesign #vintagestyletile

        These gorgeous tiles are a snip at £12.20 each! How utterly beautiful will
        These tiles look in an Art Deco style bathroom... Love, love love...

                                 That is all, lol.     Emma x



               Hello everyone, how are you all?

          Ok, honest opinions please.... (I can take it.. Sniff)
          So I sat down last eve to make my first lamp shade, I'd got some nice pieces
          Of material left over from the window seat and had seen a lovely rouched design
          Whilst flicking through a mag, and thought mmmm I could do that.
          Anyways, here it is....

             I was sooo pleased with it, my daughters love it! Then hubby walks into the
             Room with a look that says it all... He hates it :0( ok so I'm not going to let that
             Get me down plus it's staying put! I'd love to know what you think!
                                                           Emma x


CROCHET #granny squares

          Hi everyone. 

        After Xmas was over I wanted a new hobby to learn so I thought I'd try crochet, 
        How hard can it be....? Omg very!  Well it was for me anyway hehe.
        I'm more of a learn by watch kinda person so trawled you tube for a good tutor.
        That was a task in itself... So many of them went too fast or were out of focus
        But I did find one lovely lady and followed her lessons in how to make a simple
        Granny square. 

                 All my bits n pieces from the last few wks.. It's a bit addictive lol.
                Anyway I've tried to pop a link below but if it doesn't work than go onto
                You tube and look up Bethintx1 

             How to crochet: Granny Square, Lesson 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?            v=79zZJjXRfSM&sns=tw via @youtube.  


                                                             Emma x



    Hello everyone,
  Just a little catch up on what I've been up to the past wk. as some of you know
  I passed my qualification in interior design last month (yay) however I'll openly 
  Admit to not having enough confidence yet to start practicing, but I do feel that the
  Stepping stones I'm taking and surrounded by good friends and an excellent
  Network of crafters (that's you guys at #craftblogclub) I'm slowly on my way...
  I thought I'd share some snaps with you of some cushions I made that have been
  Made from scraps and vintage table cloths that had seen better days...


   I hope you like them! I love faded chintz fabric and vintage linens! 

                                                    Emma x



    Hello everyone.
  Just a quick little post today of my spring snaps.. I've been preparing some planters to sell.
  Hope you like them.. 
        Ok.. So I'm not selling this one lol.. But you may be interested to know that the actual pot
        Came from the range, fab store! And I think cost £5.00

                  This is a good way of using my china that is unfit to hire anymore 
                   (due to hairline cracks)... Sad I know, but they still look pretty and
                   Are clearly still usefull!
                                            I love to use old tins from car boots! 



                           If you like my pics why not follow my Instagram link on the blog.

                                                               Emma x





      Hello lovelies....


                      I love a cup of earl grey, served in beautiful cups, I love gardens filled with roses
                      And, I love to craft... Stay with me, I am going somewhere with this...
                     Recently I've joined in with a #twitter group the #craftblogclub it's a place online
                     Where like minded crafters/bloggers get together and basically chat craft.
                     It's a great way to share projects and get together (all be it online) with like minded
                     People, and it has a lovely family feel to the group! Even though it's online...


                     Anyways... So I was thinking of hosting a local craft club! Just for our little group of
                     Villages where I live. It's just an idea in the making at the mo, I've hosted Crafternoon
                    Parties at my home for bridal showers and am going to be opening the garden this
                    Year for tea and cake so why not start a monthly craft club where we can actually meet,
                    Bring our crafts, and have a good natter over tea and cake... 

                 Does anyone else attend any craft classes, groups? I'd love to know what you think!
                 Would meeting up once a month for a chat and craft be your cup of tea?
                  I shall keep you up to date with my plans! This post will be posted on both blogs so
                  Please excuse the duplication if you follow both.
                 Have a lovely wkend everyone!
                                                                                Emma x



                                  Hello lovelies, well here it is... The first book review of 2014!

                        Well it gets a huge thumbs up from me! This book is not only beautiful it is
                        Full of ideas to inspire and lovely projects to craft.
                        One of the reasons I love this book so, is that my great grandparents where
                        Roms! And Pearls book catches the gypsy style perfectly! 
                        I heart her gypsy wagon! If my garden was just a teensy bit bigger I'd be
                        Squeezing one in lol.
                        The crafts in this book are very unique! So you will be pleased not to see the
                         Same old, same old, dull crafts.
                         One that I am dying to try is the vintage style tiles, I'd love these in my bathroom
                         This yr so I'll let you know how I get on with that one!
                       Also featured is a lot of lace and beautiful sewing projects, the book
                       Comes complete with stencils for all Pearls work which is very handy!
                       One of my other faves is the vintage style screen, soooo pretty!
                        The interior ideas throughout this book will make you swoon! 
                       And I love the little Pearls of wisdom notes on the pages.
                        It is written beautifully and I can't rave on enough about how this book
                        Would complete your winter evenings lol
                        So if your a romantic gypsy at heart that loves to craft your space interesting
                        And pretty then this book is for you!

                                                              Emma x





          Hi everyone. It's been sooo exciting this week! Although the decorations came down
          *sigh* the living room of The Haven got a little bit nearer to being finished... YAY
          I spent all Christmas making new roman blinds out of my fave fabric which is a lovely
          All be it tricky to work with linen, with a gorgeous faded rose pattern.
         The fabric came from #kateforman I heart her faded prints! sooo beautiful!
         Anyhoo.. My darling dad also managed to find time to build the window seat in the bay
         Last Monday so this softened the tree down disappointment lol.


         TADAAAA... the seat is painted in #farrowandball manor house grey! it's a beautiful 
         Soft blue grey. I'm just waiting for the foam to arrive and I'm thinking up different ideas
         To cover it. I'm also going to do some kind of pelmet but may do this out of some
         Vintage scraps....  Phhheeeeewww nearly there...it's only taken a year lol
                Emma x



SAVY SALVAGING. Vintage buys

                          Hello my lovelies, today I'm going to let you in to a massive trade secret!
                        So huge I may have to go into hiding from other vintage stylists/lovers/traders..
                        I have two words.... HOUSE CLEARANCE
                         Yes, house clearance... Where there are house clearance men there are bargains
                        To be had! I know two of them on a first name basis, they know what I like, and
                       Give me first dibs (eeak sooo cool). Now excuse me for rambling on a bit.. But you
                       See, these are the people you need to track down if you really want to bag a bargain!
                       Find them in the local paper or yellow pages. Now their job is to clear houses and 
                       then What comes out they may sell. 
                               My fave furniture man Ken, has his own barn where he stores all his wares.
                              I spend many happy hours here and have come away with some fab bargains
                              Over the years. This one is top secret though.. Sorry lol.
                             Anyway, my point being if you go to vintage fairs you will rarely get a bargain!
                             You need two things... A clearance man and a good eye for vintage!

                         I pealed myself away from this piece.. I rather fancied it to store pretty shoes in
                         But I ended up buying a desk for my daughter instead! However... This unit was
                         Up for £35.00 now if this had of been sold as vintage it would start at £50.00
                         Maybe more if somebody had painted it (and badly too) I've seen them up for
                         £80.00 with a dodgy paint job and sold...... I know...
                         Anyway I've rambled to long.... You get my point.. Now go find a man.. A clearance 
                         One, not just a random man and get salvaging. Now I'm going into hiding!

                                       Emma x


Merry and bright part 2

                     Well Christmas is gone again for another 11 months and here are just a couple
                     More things to brighten the home. 
                     Objects and soft furnishings can be an inexpensive (if salvaged from the right places)
                     Way to inject some freshness into your home!
                     Use these things to express your personality.... For example.. Personally I love chintz!
                     It makes me very happy! So I display all of my beautiful china around the home.
                    What makes you happy?... Now surround yourself with that thought.. How can you
                    Bottle that and put it in your home? Think art.. Cushions and throws..


                 This pic was taken after last Xmas. I picked up this fabulous oil painting from a thrift shop 
                It cost peanuts yet cheers up a dull corner. I don't always hang pictures on walls as it's very
                Limiting, instead I like to move them around and prop them up in places..
                Now I'm going to tell you something that may shock you..  
                This picture, the coffee pot and beautiful glass dish came to under £10.00! 
                           This last image was taken from Pinterest but I just had to show you
                          These lovely embroidery hoops that are displaying vintage fabrics.
                          I love this! So much so I have dashed out and bought some hoops
                          Now it's just deciding what fabric to use.. Hmm..
                          Now go and get thrifty and crafty to make your home bright.
                                    Emma x





                                  Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my joy with you!
                                I have finally passed my diploma in interior design..... Yay
                               I'm really looking forward to 2014 and taking on new customers
                               I will keep you posted on how I get on.
                                During the Christmas break I have been continuing on my own
                              Home "The Haven".   This is a very tired me making up roman blinds
                              For our living room lol
                          I've used a gorgeous fabric from my favourite designer Kate Forman.
                          They are going up Monday and I can't wait to show you!

               If you would like to make your own roman blind then I can recommend the tutorials from MyDecozo on YouTube.

Emma x



                             I love Christmas decorations and when the time comes to take them
                             Down I feel relieved to have the house back in order but sad for the loss
                            Of being surrounded by fairy lights and pretty decorations.
                             One tip I have learnt to keep the home merry and bright throughout the
                           Dull winter months is to have fresh flowers everywhere!
                            Collect vintage jugs and fill with your favourite blooms, place tiny
                            Vintage glass bottles in groups of three and pop in a single stem flower.


                               You can also buy small indoor roses quite cheaply from supermarkets
                               Re-pot them in old terracotta pots for a romantic and rustic look.
                               I do put them in every room, break up bunches of roses into odd numbers
                               And put them in small vases/jugs to make them go further.... 

                                  Hope I've inspired you to buy some beautiful blooms for your home!
                                  Part 2 of merry and bright interiors will be posted tomorrow.

                                                       Emma x




                                 On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

                               A beautiful frame... I love this pic so much! It is a photo
                              Of my nan and granddad when they were courting. 
                               I'm very lucky to still have them and they have not long
                               Celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
                               Now that's love!
                                                             Emma x

ON THE 8th DAY...

  A vintage jug......
             My hubby caught me drooling over this little vintage jug months ago.
             I walked out of the shop thinking I have enough vintage vases and jugs
             But then when it was too late to go back I suddenly realised that you can
            Never have too many and this little beauty was only £6.00 yet I left it on the shelf...
            I know... Utter madness!
            Luckily though my hubby knows me so well and I was thrilled to find it in the bottom
            Of my stocking.
            As the story goes, it's not how much you spend... It's the thought! 
           This is the biggest token of love!
             Hope you've all had a good new year!
                                  Emma x
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