CROCHET #granny squares

          Hi everyone. 

        After Xmas was over I wanted a new hobby to learn so I thought I'd try crochet, 
        How hard can it be....? Omg very!  Well it was for me anyway hehe.
        I'm more of a learn by watch kinda person so trawled you tube for a good tutor.
        That was a task in itself... So many of them went too fast or were out of focus
        But I did find one lovely lady and followed her lessons in how to make a simple
        Granny square. 

                 All my bits n pieces from the last few wks.. It's a bit addictive lol.
                Anyway I've tried to pop a link below but if it doesn't work than go onto
                You tube and look up Bethintx1 

             How to crochet: Granny Square, Lesson 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?            v=79zZJjXRfSM&sns=tw via @youtube.  


                                                             Emma x

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