Hi everyone. It's been sooo exciting this week! Although the decorations came down
          *sigh* the living room of The Haven got a little bit nearer to being finished... YAY
          I spent all Christmas making new roman blinds out of my fave fabric which is a lovely
          All be it tricky to work with linen, with a gorgeous faded rose pattern.
         The fabric came from #kateforman I heart her faded prints! sooo beautiful!
         Anyhoo.. My darling dad also managed to find time to build the window seat in the bay
         Last Monday so this softened the tree down disappointment lol.


         TADAAAA... the seat is painted in #farrowandball manor house grey! it's a beautiful 
         Soft blue grey. I'm just waiting for the foam to arrive and I'm thinking up different ideas
         To cover it. I'm also going to do some kind of pelmet but may do this out of some
         Vintage scraps....  Phhheeeeewww nearly there...it's only taken a year lol
                Emma x


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