I love Christmas decorations and when the time comes to take them
                             Down I feel relieved to have the house back in order but sad for the loss
                            Of being surrounded by fairy lights and pretty decorations.
                             One tip I have learnt to keep the home merry and bright throughout the
                           Dull winter months is to have fresh flowers everywhere!
                            Collect vintage jugs and fill with your favourite blooms, place tiny
                            Vintage glass bottles in groups of three and pop in a single stem flower.


                               You can also buy small indoor roses quite cheaply from supermarkets
                               Re-pot them in old terracotta pots for a romantic and rustic look.
                               I do put them in every room, break up bunches of roses into odd numbers
                               And put them in small vases/jugs to make them go further.... 

                                  Hope I've inspired you to buy some beautiful blooms for your home!
                                  Part 2 of merry and bright interiors will be posted tomorrow.

                                                       Emma x


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