Hello lovelies....


                      I love a cup of earl grey, served in beautiful cups, I love gardens filled with roses
                      And, I love to craft... Stay with me, I am going somewhere with this...
                     Recently I've joined in with a #twitter group the #craftblogclub it's a place online
                     Where like minded crafters/bloggers get together and basically chat craft.
                     It's a great way to share projects and get together (all be it online) with like minded
                     People, and it has a lovely family feel to the group! Even though it's online...


                     Anyways... So I was thinking of hosting a local craft club! Just for our little group of
                     Villages where I live. It's just an idea in the making at the mo, I've hosted Crafternoon
                    Parties at my home for bridal showers and am going to be opening the garden this
                    Year for tea and cake so why not start a monthly craft club where we can actually meet,
                    Bring our crafts, and have a good natter over tea and cake... 

                 Does anyone else attend any craft classes, groups? I'd love to know what you think!
                 Would meeting up once a month for a chat and craft be your cup of tea?
                  I shall keep you up to date with my plans! This post will be posted on both blogs so
                  Please excuse the duplication if you follow both.
                 Have a lovely wkend everyone!
                                                                                Emma x


  1. Our village has a craft club were we meet once a month. Each month we make something new, unfortunately it is most sewing and embroidery, which is not really what interests me, but is good to tap into a group of local people. Sometimes I will just take along something of my own to do, so I join in with the chat.

  2. Thank you for your coment Heather, it's really helpfull! And interesting to learn that you would like to do more than just stitch! All crafts would be nice! I was thinking of asking everyone that joins what is their favourite thing... Be it baking, painting... Photography maybe. Keep it varied, but it is still nice to take your things along and have a chat x


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