Merry and bright part 2

                     Well Christmas is gone again for another 11 months and here are just a couple
                     More things to brighten the home. 
                     Objects and soft furnishings can be an inexpensive (if salvaged from the right places)
                     Way to inject some freshness into your home!
                     Use these things to express your personality.... For example.. Personally I love chintz!
                     It makes me very happy! So I display all of my beautiful china around the home.
                    What makes you happy?... Now surround yourself with that thought.. How can you
                    Bottle that and put it in your home? Think art.. Cushions and throws..


                 This pic was taken after last Xmas. I picked up this fabulous oil painting from a thrift shop 
                It cost peanuts yet cheers up a dull corner. I don't always hang pictures on walls as it's very
                Limiting, instead I like to move them around and prop them up in places..
                Now I'm going to tell you something that may shock you..  
                This picture, the coffee pot and beautiful glass dish came to under £10.00! 
                           This last image was taken from Pinterest but I just had to show you
                          These lovely embroidery hoops that are displaying vintage fabrics.
                          I love this! So much so I have dashed out and bought some hoops
                          Now it's just deciding what fabric to use.. Hmm..
                          Now go and get thrifty and crafty to make your home bright.
                                    Emma x



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