Hello everyone, 

             So here goes a big leap... I'm starting my own interior design company... *scared*
             It's not a decision I've take lightly, it been on the cards for years, but last year I completed
             My diploma and am very slowly stepping into it. It is going to be a career change all be it a 
             Very slow and progressive one. So I will be starting small!
             I've decided to not have a website as such, but a new blog with pages and contact forms
             As I feel this will give me a lot of creative control over the content.
             Please don't worry as The Vintage Good Life will remain as it is a lifestyle blog.
             My new venture is called Clover and Clay and is now on bloglovin or you can have a look
             At http://www.cloverandclay.wordpress.com I know... I'm trying wordpress... Will be
             Blogging the differences later lol 
             Anyway please pop by, have a look and let me know your feed back.

                          Emma x


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