Hello lovelies, well here it is... The first book review of 2014!

                        Well it gets a huge thumbs up from me! This book is not only beautiful it is
                        Full of ideas to inspire and lovely projects to craft.
                        One of the reasons I love this book so, is that my great grandparents where
                        Roms! And Pearls book catches the gypsy style perfectly! 
                        I heart her gypsy wagon! If my garden was just a teensy bit bigger I'd be
                        Squeezing one in lol.
                        The crafts in this book are very unique! So you will be pleased not to see the
                         Same old, same old, dull crafts.
                         One that I am dying to try is the vintage style tiles, I'd love these in my bathroom
                         This yr so I'll let you know how I get on with that one!
                       Also featured is a lot of lace and beautiful sewing projects, the book
                       Comes complete with stencils for all Pearls work which is very handy!
                       One of my other faves is the vintage style screen, soooo pretty!
                        The interior ideas throughout this book will make you swoon! 
                       And I love the little Pearls of wisdom notes on the pages.
                        It is written beautifully and I can't rave on enough about how this book
                        Would complete your winter evenings lol
                        So if your a romantic gypsy at heart that loves to craft your space interesting
                        And pretty then this book is for you!

                                                              Emma x


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