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                          Hello my lovelies, today I'm going to let you in to a massive trade secret!
                        So huge I may have to go into hiding from other vintage stylists/lovers/traders..
                        I have two words.... HOUSE CLEARANCE
                         Yes, house clearance... Where there are house clearance men there are bargains
                        To be had! I know two of them on a first name basis, they know what I like, and
                       Give me first dibs (eeak sooo cool). Now excuse me for rambling on a bit.. But you
                       See, these are the people you need to track down if you really want to bag a bargain!
                       Find them in the local paper or yellow pages. Now their job is to clear houses and 
                       then What comes out they may sell. 
                               My fave furniture man Ken, has his own barn where he stores all his wares.
                              I spend many happy hours here and have come away with some fab bargains
                              Over the years. This one is top secret though.. Sorry lol.
                             Anyway, my point being if you go to vintage fairs you will rarely get a bargain!
                             You need two things... A clearance man and a good eye for vintage!

                         I pealed myself away from this piece.. I rather fancied it to store pretty shoes in
                         But I ended up buying a desk for my daughter instead! However... This unit was
                         Up for £35.00 now if this had of been sold as vintage it would start at £50.00
                         Maybe more if somebody had painted it (and badly too) I've seen them up for
                         £80.00 with a dodgy paint job and sold...... I know...
                         Anyway I've rambled to long.... You get my point.. Now go find a man.. A clearance 
                         One, not just a random man and get salvaging. Now I'm going into hiding!

                                       Emma x


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