Hello everyone.
  Just a quick little post today of my spring snaps.. I've been preparing some planters to sell.
  Hope you like them.. 
        Ok.. So I'm not selling this one lol.. But you may be interested to know that the actual pot
        Came from the range, fab store! And I think cost £5.00

                  This is a good way of using my china that is unfit to hire anymore 
                   (due to hairline cracks)... Sad I know, but they still look pretty and
                   Are clearly still usefull!
                                            I love to use old tins from car boots! 



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                                                               Emma x


  1. OMG they are sooooo pretty!!!! I'm a big fan of narcissus and have a little patch outside that always makes me smile every Spring. Now I want to fill my house with daffodil and crocus filled tea cups :-)

  2. Do you know what... After planting these I said to myself tut, tut why didn't I buy more lol so I'm going back.. I have a stack more tea cups to fill x


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