So the window seat is just about done and the blinds are finished pheeew..... 
            It's been an absolute labour of love! Learning to work with textiles was a scary thought
            I must admit, cutting anything wheather it be new material or pretty old linens takes
            Some courage! It took me a whole day just to cut the fabric for my first ever blind and
            Copious amounts of tea was drank to get through it lol. Anyways... Here's a peak..

               My Thursday morning make! I had a few well planned scraps left over of this gorgeous 
             Kate Forman fabric in blue roses, I think it looks pretty trimmed with the lace.

            Left over fabric from the window seat and a vintage table cloth went into this one.


           Clever way of using up old samples.. I've fallen in love with this one called Amy by
           Kate Forman so am going to use it in my daughters room which is next on the list...


                                           #kateforman #blueroses #farrowandball #manorhousegrey

                               TADAAAA sitting here blogging drinking a cup of earl grey 

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                                                               Emma x


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