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Wall light up cycling project.

Hello peeps,

Well I love a crafty project, and even more so when its actually up-cycling something in your home!
Being thrifty and creating beautiful things from pre-loved items is very rewarding!

Here I will show you how to inject some love back into an old wall light, and hopefully inspire you to take a look around your home and transform something you like into something you love!


Old wall light
Old shade
Chalk paint
lace ribbon
Vintage fabric scraps
Costume jewellery
Fire retardant spray
Needle & Thread

The Vintage Good Life.

The Vintage Good Life

Never underestimate emulsion! I love to use Laura Ashleys chalky emulsion paints when painting almost anything!
No primer needed! With a good quality small brush apply 3 fine coats of your chosen colour, making sure that the electric supply is turned off at the mains (do not paint the bulb or any connecting metal).
whilst this is drying you can get to work on your shade!

You can buy lamp shade frames new from amazon.... however I like to get mine from charity shops!
Its worth asking if they have any torn ones out the back as things do get damaged and you may end up with a free one!

Strip the shade off the frame. Now I've gone for scraps of lace ribbon and an old table mat.
Wind the ribbon around the frame and secure with a stitch. you can do this horizontally  or vertically.
Keep adding and stitching your scraps to the frame until its completely covered.

The Vintage Good Life
Now its time to add your style!
Ive chosen mother of pearl buttons to decorate the rim and used old costume jewellery for that finishing touch, but really anything you love will work!
Make sure you spray the shade with a flame retardant spray!

The Vintage Good Life

The Vintage Good Life

Happy crafting

Emma x




      Hello everyone,

     Hope your all having a lovely wkend! I have been very busy getting ready for my new business 
    Venture, I've passed the course (yay) started a separate interiors blog at....
    www.cloverandclay.wordpress.com which is going well! I'm blogging all things decorating! And
    I'm well underway with the decorative living online store that I'm looking to launch this March
    Here's a taste of what's already stocked in the shop.....

      The name of my new company Clover & Clay came from the inspiration of nature itself!
      I have a love for old pottery and delicate floral prints! The new store will stock a collection of
      carefully chosen vintage and antique pieces along with my hand made soft furnishings.
      Some things I have just left natural, ready to make a nice little project for someone, from old
      Lampshades to un painted furniture there is something for everyone!
      If you adore country classics and beautiful vintage then be sure to pop by this March!

                                                                     Emma x



                  Hello everyone,

         Well I've been meaning to decorate my eldest daughters room for quite some time! And as
        She turns 12 next month I thought it would make a nice grown up gift for a little girl who thinks
        She's already 20 and already seems far wiser and more practical than her mother....


            Working together we've collected things she loves! We had this Laura Ashley wallpaper
          In our girly bathroom in our old house when we had a boy free zone lol I never realised she
          Loved it so much that years later she wants it for her room! So glad it hasn't been 


         Loving the matching chalk pink paint! Slightly sad that they no longer do it in eggshell but
        Never mind, I'll have to get the wax out!


                  A couple of cute vintage pillow cases from the local charity shop for a touch of chintz!


                         Roses... Always beautiful and inspiring! I picked up 3 little patio roses being sold
                        Off for a £1.00 each! Love valentines sales!


            Labour of love! Can't tell you how much this beautiful fireplace has been a thorn in my 
            side! It was my mother in law that un boarded this one.... Oh my what a mess! 
            We then went to Our local emporium to get a perfect replacement of what had been 
            ripped out years ago... 
           My daughter hated it black so I've undertaken the lengthily task of painting it, not a straight
           Forward process! It needed painting in red oxide first which is the deepest red I've ever seen!
           It still isn't finished... Still a lot to do, and lots of features to reinstall! Will show you when it's 
           All done.

                                              Emma x




                                   Hello everyone,


                                 Some blooming lovely snaps to put the sping in your step!
                                 If you heart my pics why not follow my Instagram link on the
                                 Blog or just look up thevintagegoodlife hope your having a
                                 Good wkend!

                                                                      Emma x



                                             Hello everyone,

                            Just a little pic collage of my week... 
                            When it's cold and wet out there's nothing I like more than getting stuck
                            Into some craft and the jobs that always seem to need doing on the house!
                            This week I've been sourcing vintage fabrics and making homewares for my
                            New online shop launching next month, and I've finally started my eldest
                            Daughters bedroom, first task prep n prime her fire place... O my what a job!
                            Can't wait to get it finished!

                                     Happy valentines day and have a lovely wkend!
                                                                        Emma x




           Hello lovelies....

       I have an awesome new app YAY! As some of you may know I am an enthusiastic
      Amature photographer (my darling dad was a pro!) and I'm always styling pretty shots
      To cheer people up so was uber excited to find this old school Polaroid app complete
      With vintage filters.. Here's a few of my fave snaps this wk Polaroid style....


                             My latest craft addiction... Mother of pearl buttons......


                                    Top purchase this week! Vintage bed throw.


                                   A couple of my vintage cameras.... Sooo cool!

                                              Hope your having a lovely wkend!

                                                                  Emma x




              Hello everyone,

           I was perusing the craft magazine section in whsmiths yesterday trying to decide which
          One was worthy of a £4.99 price tag when I stumbled upon a newbie... #prima makes.
          I'm instantly drawn to pretty pastels on front covers and love free crafty projects so thought
          I'd give it a try....


          I LOVE IT! Full of beautiful crafts to make! Not just a nicely styled mag, but practical too!
         The little mouse pin cushion was easy to make and my daughters have both got their eyes
         On it! And I've started making the crochet daisy chain necklace for my sister.
         I think it's well worth the money! As for the amount of crafts in it, it's more like a craft book
         Than a mag! Well done PRIMA!  

                                                                  Emma x



          Hello my lovelies 

       Here's a quick collage of some Monday morning pic me up eye candy... 
             Yes I have been playing with piccollage again lol.. And that's not the only thing..
        Some of you may have spotted that I've been changing my blog about..
        I now have my Instagram and Pinterest pic boards up.. Yay.. At last! And I've also
        Been doing some de cluttering. Hope you like it! Not sure if I've stopped fiddling yet lol

                                                            Emma x




           Hello lovelies..
         I have been swooning over the latest Laura Ashley catalogue this wkend, soooo pretty!
        The sale ends today and I've already bagged myself some half price wallpaper, fabric and some 
        Reduced paint eeaak happy days.
          As much as I love their stuff some of it is a trifle expensive! Check out this set bellow...
        These chairs are fab! I love the shabby chic powder blue paint! However this carver is
        A whopping £275.00 A hefty price tag, but very beautiful and very inspiring for all us
        Crafty types with the chalk paint... If you know what I mean...


            Loving this dresser! Cost... £1000.00 Anyways once I get over the shock of the prices
            Of some of their lovely things I love to use the catalogues for inspiration and have been
            Collecting them since 2006. I just love the powder blue against the coral curtain in the
            Above pic! 
             On a tight budget I take inspiration from the colours, I'm sorry laura Ashley but I paint
            My own furniture.... But love to buy my paints from here, such beautiful chalky quality
            And their wallpaper hangs like a dream!
            I guess the direction of my ramblings are going.. Take the bits you love, make the bits
            You can, and enjoy your home! But if you love country interiors grab the new catalogue!

                                                                   Emma x

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