Well hello everyone,

 I'm uber excited today to be unveiling my new online store! It's been a manic week and there was a huge last minute change (hubbies idea) right before the launch the name I had chosen got switched for my own! It keeps everything simple and in one place! So I'm pleased to announce that Emma Connolly
decorative living is now open! http://www.emmaconnolly.bigcartel.com I will be adding a shop page to my blog too!


  Please have a look round.... Let me know your thoughts... What you'd like to see more/less of?
I've tried to keep the store as varied as possible selling a range of vintage treasures and the odd antique, plus I'm also putting my design skills to work and making some soft furnishings too!
You can follow my Instagram link to get sneak previews of stock before it hits the store, and I also
Have a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/emmaconnollyinteriors 

Finally I just want to thank all my blogger/Instagram/twitter friends for their support! Thanks guys!

                                                     Emma x


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