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Wall light up cycling project.

Hello peeps,

Well I love a crafty project, and even more so when its actually up-cycling something in your home!
Being thrifty and creating beautiful things from pre-loved items is very rewarding!

Here I will show you how to inject some love back into an old wall light, and hopefully inspire you to take a look around your home and transform something you like into something you love!


Old wall light
Old shade
Chalk paint
lace ribbon
Vintage fabric scraps
Costume jewellery
Fire retardant spray
Needle & Thread

The Vintage Good Life.

The Vintage Good Life

Never underestimate emulsion! I love to use Laura Ashleys chalky emulsion paints when painting almost anything!
No primer needed! With a good quality small brush apply 3 fine coats of your chosen colour, making sure that the electric supply is turned off at the mains (do not paint the bulb or any connecting metal).
whilst this is drying you can get to work on your shade!

You can buy lamp shade frames new from amazon.... however I like to get mine from charity shops!
Its worth asking if they have any torn ones out the back as things do get damaged and you may end up with a free one!

Strip the shade off the frame. Now I've gone for scraps of lace ribbon and an old table mat.
Wind the ribbon around the frame and secure with a stitch. you can do this horizontally  or vertically.
Keep adding and stitching your scraps to the frame until its completely covered.

The Vintage Good Life
Now its time to add your style!
Ive chosen mother of pearl buttons to decorate the rim and used old costume jewellery for that finishing touch, but really anything you love will work!
Make sure you spray the shade with a flame retardant spray!

The Vintage Good Life

The Vintage Good Life

Happy crafting

Emma x


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