Hello everyone,

         Well I've been meaning to decorate my eldest daughters room for quite some time! And as
        She turns 12 next month I thought it would make a nice grown up gift for a little girl who thinks
        She's already 20 and already seems far wiser and more practical than her mother....


            Working together we've collected things she loves! We had this Laura Ashley wallpaper
          In our girly bathroom in our old house when we had a boy free zone lol I never realised she
          Loved it so much that years later she wants it for her room! So glad it hasn't been 


         Loving the matching chalk pink paint! Slightly sad that they no longer do it in eggshell but
        Never mind, I'll have to get the wax out!


                  A couple of cute vintage pillow cases from the local charity shop for a touch of chintz!


                         Roses... Always beautiful and inspiring! I picked up 3 little patio roses being sold
                        Off for a £1.00 each! Love valentines sales!


            Labour of love! Can't tell you how much this beautiful fireplace has been a thorn in my 
            side! It was my mother in law that un boarded this one.... Oh my what a mess! 
            We then went to Our local emporium to get a perfect replacement of what had been 
            ripped out years ago... 
           My daughter hated it black so I've undertaken the lengthily task of painting it, not a straight
           Forward process! It needed painting in red oxide first which is the deepest red I've ever seen!
           It still isn't finished... Still a lot to do, and lots of features to reinstall! Will show you when it's 
           All done.

                                              Emma x


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