Favourite things...

Hello peeps,

 Here is a little share of my fave things... (After my girls and hubby of course)...


 I just adore flowers, especially roses... Especially David Austin roses! From bud to falling brown petals, there is something eternally magical about the rose!
Fab shoes! Long gone are the days I tottered around in jimmy choos! Swapping them for a comfy pair of converse or battered uggs, but ohhh I have such a love for shoes! Especially shiny ones or ones covered in glittery things! Never been one for bags!
Gorgeous antique china... Has to be uber pretty and fine, and of the most delicate shades of pastel with a good amount of gold!
Costume bling! Always been a magpie for all that glitters and love costume jewelry and old marcasite brooches! Adore old diamonds and antique rings!
Painted furniture... In particular my Welsh dresser! I started painting furniture back in 2006 when I was a struggling single mother that needed to surround her girls with beautiful things! Never underestimate the power of good paint, old wood and a good cup of tea to make everything right in the world!
Why not share your fave, happy things... 

 Have a good wkend everyone! 

                                                Emma x



Got to love a pastel collage....
Here are some of my faves, enjoy!



Soon be Friday :0)

                             Emma x




 Hello peeps,

Well it's been a while since we did a book review! I must say I did get a lovely load of books last Christmas, it's been a joy ploughing through them over the winter months! 
So here is a share of my favourite one!

Couture Prairie by Rachel Ashwell.


 Oh my goodness where do I begin?...
Well here goes, this beautiful book is much more than a coffee table read, it's an inspiration!
Here, the queen of shabby chic, Rachel shows us around her gorgeous, luxuriously shabby B&Bs. Lovely old barns and fabulous rooms, set in Texas. The feel is opulent with a paired back style of fadded grandeur in an effortless shabby prairie style! Every page turn is a swoon of fabulousness, with gorgeous faded fabrics, old furniture in its naturally shabby style with old paint in beautiful tones gently chipping off!
All the rooms are furnished with an abundance of sumptuous bedding in Rachel's beautiful range of fabrics.
Her statement colour pallet of chalk pink, white and a hint of blue and grey give a calm feel and a natural flow throughout all the buildings!
The section on the flea market finds is simply stunning! And I just want to go!
Anyway, I could go on for pages but I won't! If you love shabby chic and gorgeous stuff then go and buy this book! You really won't be disappointed! 

                                                              Emma x

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oh what a beautiful morning!

Sunday morning eye candy... Spring has sprung! Gorgeous hazy pastel shots..


If you enjoy looking a my pics, why not follow my Instagram link to the right of my blog.

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 Well hello everyone,

 I'm so sorry for my lack of blogging just lately! It has been manic! Last week I saw the launch of my
Online store and the response I've had has been fabulous! I thank all of you for being so supportive!
I adore vintage treasure and am a total hoarder of all things beautiful so I can say that at first I found it very hard to part with such pretty things, but when the thank you letters and the pictures of lovely purchases from my store rolled in I felt so happy that I'd sourced something with love and passed it on to a new owner who will cherish it just as much, it makes it all worth while!

Here are a few pics of what's gone to lovely new homes this week....

There is still plenty of pretty things in store, why not have a look around at www.emmaconnollyinteriors.com 

          Have a lovely wkend!
                                       Emma x




 Hello everyone,

 Pheeew wow what a week! Here's a few of my snaps from the past week....


  Hope you've all had a lovely wkend!
                              Emma x




 Well hello everyone,

 I'm uber excited today to be unveiling my new online store! It's been a manic week and there was a huge last minute change (hubbies idea) right before the launch the name I had chosen got switched for my own! It keeps everything simple and in one place! So I'm pleased to announce that Emma Connolly
decorative living is now open! http://www.emmaconnolly.bigcartel.com I will be adding a shop page to my blog too!


  Please have a look round.... Let me know your thoughts... What you'd like to see more/less of?
I've tried to keep the store as varied as possible selling a range of vintage treasures and the odd antique, plus I'm also putting my design skills to work and making some soft furnishings too!
You can follow my Instagram link to get sneak previews of stock before it hits the store, and I also
Have a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/emmaconnollyinteriors 

Finally I just want to thank all my blogger/Instagram/twitter friends for their support! Thanks guys!

                                                     Emma x

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