Favourite things...

Hello peeps,

 Here is a little share of my fave things... (After my girls and hubby of course)...


 I just adore flowers, especially roses... Especially David Austin roses! From bud to falling brown petals, there is something eternally magical about the rose!
Fab shoes! Long gone are the days I tottered around in jimmy choos! Swapping them for a comfy pair of converse or battered uggs, but ohhh I have such a love for shoes! Especially shiny ones or ones covered in glittery things! Never been one for bags!
Gorgeous antique china... Has to be uber pretty and fine, and of the most delicate shades of pastel with a good amount of gold!
Costume bling! Always been a magpie for all that glitters and love costume jewelry and old marcasite brooches! Adore old diamonds and antique rings!
Painted furniture... In particular my Welsh dresser! I started painting furniture back in 2006 when I was a struggling single mother that needed to surround her girls with beautiful things! Never underestimate the power of good paint, old wood and a good cup of tea to make everything right in the world!
Why not share your fave, happy things... 

 Have a good wkend everyone! 

                                                Emma x


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