This delightful little cottage garden belongs to my mother in law who is an artist.
          I think her natural artistic flair can be seen throughout her well thought out garden!
          It has a look of being thrown together in the most prettiest way, but little spaces need
          Careful planning too!


           Dotted around are beautiful aged stone benches and little statues poke out from behind
          The rambling flower beds.

           A wild spring flower lawn is what greets you first! Just a small patch! And it also
          Means the mower stays in the shed for a while longer too! We've enjoyed lovey
          Picnics here, there's no need to go out! 


           Little daffs dance happily amongst the primroses! I love the way the garden is broken
           Into little chunks!


             A very pretty clematis covers the arch way which leads to the veg patch and pond,
            A well thought out combination!


                 Cute little veg bed that is packed full in the summer sits prettily at the top
             Of the garden next to the beautiful old brick shed with it's peeling paint!


                    The vivid pink of this flowering current adds a touch of drama to the mix!


                                     A garden fit for all and brimming with wildlife! 
                  I hope this little garden has inspired you and shown you what can be 
                                                      achieved With little space!

                          If you love the good life and have a hankering for prettiness and vintage
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                                                                 Emma x


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