Hello lovelies.

  Well, what a downpour we've just had. Whilst the rain is great for the garden, I have to say that
  my favourite rose bush took quite a battering. I was almost tempted to go and stand over it with
  an umbrella! 


 When the rain finally stopped I went out to inspect the damage, or rather, the pretty mess.
 I ended up with a trug full of broken blooms 😔. Oh well, not to be deterred, I started thinking
 about what I could do with them, (such short notice, I'd got nothing in for any liquor, jam or bath
 bomb- creams). So I salvaged a few for decoration.


  I love to display single blooms in old glass bottles, teacups and milk jugs. This variety of Rose
  Is called Gertrude Jekyll, and is available from David Austin. It is prolific, and has the most amazing


     So I've pulled off the rest of the petals and have separated them into three batches for some
    very easy makes. I'm simply letting some dry, as it's always handy to have some dried rose petals.
    The perfume of this variety is wonderful, so add to bath bombs, tea or just put some in a pretty
      Then with some fresh ones I'm making Rose petal ice cubes. So simple.
       And with the last batch I'm making edible petals. To do this, make sure your Rose petals are clean
     and dry, and free from pesticides. Lightly wisk an egg white, and very carefully paint your entire 
    petal. Then dust over some castor sugar, place on a sheet of kitchen roll, and put in a warm dry
    place, (airing cupboard is always good). Once dry, place in an air tight container and use
    within a couple of months.


   I hope I've given you a couple of ideas that you can do this weekend. Once mine are dry
  I'm going to make Rose bath bombs. This is a job for the children and I this half term I think 😉.
  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

                                                              Emma x


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