Hello everyone,

     You can't beat that fresh home grown experience.... The first peas from the pod....
     The red currents, strawberries and raspberries mmmmm.
      When it was just me with my two little girls space was an issue! We had a little garden but
     that didn't stop us! The girls got involved too! We planted potatoes in rubble sacks, spring onions 
     in pots, strawberries and salad leaves in hanging baskets and dwarf broad beans amongst the 
     roses! I think you have to make the most of the space you have! 


       We now have a much bigger space which is great! We've just bought our first green house!
      It's pre-loved so we've got a bit of a jigsaw on our hands but oh well.... I can't wait to get it up
      and get the tomatoes in there! Will let you know how it goes 😊

                                                        Happy grow your own time!
                                                                       Emma x


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