Hello lovelies..... As spring has taken it's hold thought I'd do a little post on keeping
          A cutting garden, there is still time to sow a few seeds & many garden centres will be
          selling seedlings! 
             A cutting garden is a fabulous thing! It's great being able to walk out and snip your
          blooms! I always keep old spice jars for giving a posy to friends and my daughters
          Give them to their teachers as an end of year thank you, so easy! Pop a bit of lace
          around, a few sweet peas and there you have it!


          If you plan well you could be using your own flowers from late March to early October!
         When planting seeds look for the flowering times, you may be able to get a few varieties 
         that flower one after the other such as tulips! When growing roses, if you can try and buy
         3 and plant in a triangle formation, this will give you strong supported growth and really 
         pack a punch! Giving you lots of blooms! (Will do a post on getting the best from roses

               I love old bottles and jars for displaying blooms! Like this Angelique tulip.

                                   FLOWERS FOR CUTTING AND WHEN TO PLANT

                      Here is a small selection to get you started.......

        Tulips, daffodils, bluebells, hyacinths are all bulbs that you need to be thinking of as
        They need planting late August to October for a spring show!

        Sow now... There is still time to plant a few seeds, the sooner the better! Here's my
        Favourite summer time pickings.... Larkspur, Cornflowers, Sweetpeas, Poppies and
       Gypsophila, this lovely lot is very easy to grow! And will give you endless flowers!

       Plants to buy now... Roses, Lavender, ranunculus, herbs (looks lovely in arrangements!
       try sage, mint and rosemary), delphiniums and not forgetting some plants that are good
       for foliage such as eucalyptus!

      Sowing seeds not only is a fun thing to do but a very cheap way of getting a garden!

     Remember to protect all young plants/seedlings from frost! 

     Always cut your flowers in the morning when their sugar content is high and cut at a slant
     so they can soak up the water with ease.

    If I've missed anything you'd like to know, please just ask and I'd be happy to help if I can!

                                                   Happy gardening!
                                                         Emma x 



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