Hello lovelies,

           I hope you're all having a wonderful bank holiday. I've taken my little girls to stay in our
       vintage van, In Suffolk. They are running wild over the fields as I'm busy working on the van.
       Such simple things that make me happy. I don't know about you, but I'm a creature of comfort,
       so where ever I'm calling home, I need to be surrounded by pretty things. I'll blog about the van
       when it's finished, but here in the collage above are some of the simple pretty things I love.
             Roses... So gorgeous from bud to fallen petals. Spring... Our little chick, named Bluebell, as
        she hatched out when the woods were full of them. Home is where the heart is- I love tinkering
        about, very slowly restoring our home, after all, why the rush? 
             Watching my daughter ride and seeing her beaming smile as she rides towards me.
        Wisteria.... Well, name me one person that doesn't love wisteria. Gorgeous china, so delicate
        and pretty. I love re-arranging it on my handed down vintage dresser.
            The colours mint green and pink, my fave colour combo right now. 
        It's great to have a good inspirational book on what your in to, for me, it's interiors. 
        My couture prairie book is never far from my side (I've even brought it away with me). 
       And last... Hydrangeas... I can always find space for more. 
            Well I hope I've got you thinking of all of your favourite little things too. All the things that 
        make  you smile. Enjoy the rest of your bank hols!

                                                                      Emma x

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