Hello lovelies.
 Just recently I've had a lot of people asking me how I get my photos so bright.
 Whilst I'm no professional, I do have a love of photography (it helps my dad is a pro!) 
 I find that sticking to just three basic rules is key. So I'll let you in on these....


 Rule 1: LIGHT.... it's all about the light! It doesn't matter if your using your phone, point and shoot
 or a DSLR. If you have natural day light then your half way there! You dont want bright sun shine, but
 a filtered bright cloudy day is best. Find the lightest place possible for taking your pics like a conservatory or summer house. If you have a big camera then you can adjust the shutter speed but
Let's keep it simple for now.


 BACKGROUND: through trial and error I have found that a bright background really helps.
 A chalky white is best as it absorbs the light without pinging it back. Colours will really stand out
 Against a clear beautiful back drop.


 SUBJECT MATTER: after a while you tend to find your mojo, what things do you love? 
 I find it easier taking pics of pretty things I love as I'm more passionate about them.
 For instance- flowers, pretty china and fabric are my faves.

 My favourite photo app is still Instagram, I use it daily and love the new features.
 I tend to use the brighten, contrast etc controls, and very rarely use filters now.
 Anyway I hope this helps! Simple is key!

                          Have a good week end everyone!
                                                                Emma x


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