Ok, so I'm probably one of the last to use Annie Sloan paints... I know! But, the reason for this is,
 Despite everybody raving about it, I just thought it sounded like any good emulsion...
Was I right?...

 Well.... I thought I'd try out the gorgeous colour of Antoinette on this little unit in my kitchen that has
travelled with me and been many a different Farrow and ball colour.


 Well I know my verdict may cause controversy... And I apologise now to those who need it, but...
It's just like any good emulsion (eek, there I said it). Yes, it went on lovely, And yes I didn't need to prep,
 But I have been painting furniture for years and used everything going on all kinds of materials and un-prepped surfaces ( as I'm sooo impatient) and I can honestly say that Laura Ashley, Farrow and Ball, Craig and Rose etc.... Work just as good. I may have to try it on more surfaces so I can get a real feel though.


 So, would I recommend it, or even buy it again? Simple, yes. My reasons- it is good value! 
I really love the fact that these little pots are great for a small project like this set of shelves.
I also loved the basic yet beautiful colour range, making it quick and easy to decide without having 
to stand in the paint section of homebase for an hour. Plus I loved the service I got from the people
In the beautiful interiors store in Hitchen, who were very passionate about paint! Plus I like to support
talented people in their growing businesses. So take from this little rambling post what you will.
I'm going to go in my kitchen and admire my little painted dresser unit in my new Annie Sloan paint.

                                                Emma. X


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